The Creation of Pickitup Initiative

Author: Shafeeq Badek, CORE Republic

My name is Mohamad Shafeeq bin Rahim, known between my hiking buddies as Badek. Back in 2005 during my Mount Ledang expedition, I learn about this concept. Back then during the hike, I was too tired during descend due to lack of proper training. For that, I was swept by a senior in UiTM, named Black.

During our descend, I noticed that Black kept on bending down several time. Out of curiosity, I asked him “what are you doing bending down most of the time, bro? I noticed you are picking up plastic wrappers. Is it yours that fell down from you grasps?”. He looked up while bending down and simply replied “nope bro, its not mine”. I was shocked!

A little bit later, we arrived at a check point and we decided to take a rest. As I was panting, I asked “why did you pick up those trashes in before?”. With a smile, he said to me “we hike, because it is our hobby to enjoy nature. For me, during our descend, it is best for those who are able; to try and collect as many rubbishes as we possibly can. If it is not for 1 gunny bag, it is ok with only 1 plastic bag. And if not, lets just try to collect at least 1 plastic wrap. It is good enough. Bring in 10, bring out 11”. Those words played in my head for quite some time. And during our journey back from campsite to exit point, I decided to follow his example. And in the below picture, I brought along my first collected rubbish, the Malaysia’s Flag.

The first expedition before the creation

Aroud November 2014, there was a fuss in a Facebook group of Hiking and Camping Around Malaysia (HACAM) saying that Camp Lolo at Mount Nuang was badly affected as there were too many rubbish left by fellow hikers.

As I was quite fit in stamina and I did not have anything to do during that weekend, I joked around in Rentas Adventure whatsapp group about hiking up to Mount Nuang (2 day, 1 night) expedition and make a clean up program. Amazingly, my call was answered by 4 of my friends which is Afiq Omar, Nazmi, late Ah Chong and Zul. And in the meantime, Cikgu Shahrul will make a daypack expedition to support us.

6 gunny bags were collected by us starting from Mount Nuang peak to Camp Lolo. We did not collect all of them, as we only collect whichever that is easy. After our descend to Camp Lolo entering the 4wd road, the below picture was taken.

Later that day, I uploaded the said picture into HACAM FB page. The main intention was indirectly to tell others that instead of just talk, we could and we are ABLE to do it! And to my surprise, the said picture got a tremendous likes, 700-900 likes. And it was also mentioned by page’s admin that it is the highest liked photo of the year.

The last expedition before the creation

On April 2015, after my Mount Rinjani hike, I was invited to join a day-trip to Sungai Lepoh by my cousin. Comparing to my last hike and training, Sungai Lepoh can be considered as much easier. And because of this, I planned to make another clean-up program there.

As I cannot find a way/idea to obtain gunny bags, a friend of mine (Kak Ros) contacted me and gave me my first 10 sponsored gunny bag. Initially, she claimed that the gunny bag was in her store at home and she is not sure why it is there. However, upon looking at the gunny bags, I am sure she bought it from somewhere else to help me in my mission.

Upon our descend from Sungai Lepoh, we collected some rubbish there from Sungai Lepoh itself, and along the trails. And again, I uploaded a picture to HACAM group where this time, the intention was to persuade others to. And again, to my surprise, the post got a massive number of like. Around 1,000. And overtime, people become more aware and concern!

The spark of the idea

Due to support and ‘like’ given in my previous 2 posts, I decided to keep up the initiative in influencing others to not only did not leave rubbishes/traces, but also to try their best to collect an extra rubbish upon going down.

The terms “pick-it’up” was taken due to the concept itself “You did not like it? You are able to carry it? Pick it up”. And the terms “initiatives” was used due to its concept.

With the support from Core Outdoor Shop (previously known as Bagak Outdoor) who sponsored the first batch of gunny bags, and the support from Core Adventure who supplies manpower, the idea was put into test. The below logo was created by Hakim Basri from Bagak Outdoor.


As of 9th July 2019, 2,243 gunny bags of rubbish have been brought out from the mountains, jungle, river and beach. We are aiming to have greater number of bags collected from year to year, and to make a clean up at the corals in the sea!

With your support, we will succeed!

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