With a height of 1,000 meters (4,011 feet) above sea level and is located near Mount Kenderong, Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai), and Mount Kenderong was called the twin peaks of Perak (K2) which stand majestically in the Gerik area, Perak. Mount Kerunai (Gunung kerunai) has become a popular mountain for beginners because the trail is a single trek.

The most exciting part of hiking at Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) is that the whole way goes through an open trail that gives a 360-degree view because on the right we can see the view of the village and town of Gerik where on the left is the view of Mount Kenderong standing majestically next to Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai). Along the way, we were presented with quite a refreshing view! at the top of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai), we are speechless and amazed by God’s creation when we witness His beautiful creation which is the carpet of clouds and the view of the sunrise.

Picture 01: Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) view on the right side during the sunrise.
Picture 02: Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) view from the left side which is the Mount Kenderong


Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) is considered a moderately difficult trail. The distance of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) is 4.5 km out and back. To climb Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) summit takes about two to three hours with a very winding and challenging road. At the beginning of the route, our path was steep and a bit bumpy. Then you will find the real pleasure of the mountain and start with a 60–90-degree gravel path to the top.

Picture 03: Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) trail GPX. Source:  LINK
Picture 04: Elevation gain/loss of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai). Source: LINK

Although it starts with a small elevation gain, Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) will test the hiker’s physical capacity after 20 minutes of trekking. From the starting point to checkpoint one the trail was not tricky but from checkpoints two, three, and four quite tricky because of the fragile rocks.


The most important thing you should do before hiking is to apply for a permit from Pejabat Hutan Daerah Hulu Perak. Hikers are advised to use the service-registered mountain guide to Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai). Usually, if we want to hike Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) we should use the local guide which is Perak Forestry Mountain Guide (Malim Gunung Perhutanan Perak), and they are well-trained to handle their visitor and organized in the event of an emergency occurring during the hike.

Slightly advised for hikers to go through (at least) moderate training before undergoing the Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) trail to ensure maximum satisfaction and minimize injuries. Visitors will be reminded to bring their own snacks and enough water at least 1.5ml during the trekking because there’s no water point along the Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) trail. Hikers also need to take note to get enough rest/sleep and to be well-equipped to go to Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai). Bear in mind that the trail is rocky, so you need to be extremely careful, especially during the descent.


Picture 05: Using google map, you may key in “Kampung Pahat, Gerik Perak”. Source: LINK
Picture 06: Using Waze application, you may key in “Kampung Pahat, Gerik Perak”. Source: LINK

Heading there, you may use your ‘Waze’ application on your smartphone by simply searching ‘Kampung Pahat’. On the Waze application, you can choose which routes you want to take whether 3 Hours or 4 hours depending on the individual. If you want, go fast you can take the 3 hours if not then take the 5 hours.


Day 0
2000 : Meet up at LRT Gombak (If Applicable)
2100 : Depart to Gerik

Day 1
0300 : Meet up point – Petronas Gerik
0330 : Head towards Kampung Pahat Dalam | Carpark
0400 : 4wd to starting point
0430 : Briefing | Warm up
0500 : Start ascend
0800 : Peak of Mount Kerunai
1000 : Start descend
1200 : Arrive at starting point | 4wd to carpark
1230 : Arrive at carpark
1400 : Depart to Kuala Lumpur
2000 : ETA at LRT Gombak (if applicable) | END


Picture 07: As usually, group photo before transfer to the Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) starting point.
Picture 08: Girl’s selfie before start trekking at the starting point of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai)
Picture 09: Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) sunrise view at checkpoint 4
Picture 10: Lunch at the peak with Maggie’s cup and banana cake at the peak of Mount Kerunai (Gunungg Kerunai)
Picture 11: Boys group photo while waiting for the Teh O at the peak of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai)
Picture 12: Boys photo group with Mount Kenderung Background
Picture 13: Debriefing session before descending from the peak of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai)
Picture 14: Take 5 while waiting for other lineups at Check Point 2!
Picture 15: Arrived safely at the starting point of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai)
Picture 17: Enjoy the “air kelapa” at the Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) starting point.
Picture 18: Finally, our last lineup arrived safely! At the starting point of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai)
Picture 19: Group Photo before descending to the starting point of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai)
Picture 20: Girl’s Photo group at the peak of Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai) with sunrise background.
Picture 21: Safely arrived at the parking and meeting point! See you guys’ next time at Mount Kerunai (Gunung Kerunai)!


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