Kuala Kubu Bharu is undoubtedly well known for its outdoor activities. Lata Medang is situated just beyond the town of Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) if you are on the way to Fraser’s Hill. To be more specific, it is just 10 to 15 minutes after the KKB dam where you will come across the Kampung Pertak signboard which is where you enter. Just at the Kuala Kubu Bharu waterfalls entrance itself, shares the starting point to many popular hiking spots such as Bukit Kutu, Gunung Rajah Via KKB, Lata Makau and of course, Lata Medang.


Picture 01 : Lata Medang trail GPX. Source : LINK

Based on Picture 01 trail of Lata Medang the total distance of 10.6km are recorded for hiking to the Lata Medang’s waterfall and back.

Picture 02 : Elevation gain/loss of Lata Medang trail. Source : LINK

Based on Picture 02, although it starts with a small elevation gain, Lata Medang’s trails will test visitors’ physical capacity after 45 minutes to 1 hour or 2km of trekking. However, there are several suitable resting points that may ease your way to visit Lata Medang’s waterfall.


The most important things you should do is to apply a permit from Pejabat Hutan Daerah Hulu Selangor. Hikers are advised to use the service-registered mountain guide to Lata Medang. Although it is not mandatory to use one, but it is highly advised to use one to avoid any incasualities such as lost. There are already certain reports about people who got lost during their trip to Lata Medang as there are no signboard at the junction. Usually, mountain guides came from Selangor Forestry Mountain Guide (Malim Gunung Perhutanan Selangor) and they were well-trained to handle their visitor and organized in the event of an emergency occurring during the hike.

Slightly advised hikers to go through (at least) moderate training before undergoing Lata Medang’s trail to ensure maximum satisfaction and minimized injuries. Visitors will be reminded to bring their snacks and enough water during the trekking. Hikers also need to take note to get enough rest/sleep and to be well-equipped to go to Lata Medang’s waterfall.


Due to low bad coverage at the starting point, this is the best possible alternative that we could provide to guide you to the starting point of Lata Medang. Do not be worry as most of the time, there are hikers going to Kutu Hill, Mount Rajah and Lata Makau, and as you will be using Forestry Mountain Guide (Malim Gunung Perhutanan) services, they may provide better advise on from time to time.

PICTURE 03 : Using google map, you may key in “Tapak Berkelah Sungai Pertak”. Source : LINK
PICTURE 04 : Using Waze application, you may key in “Tapak Berkelah Sungai Pertak”. Source : LINK
PICTURE 05 : At this hut, visitors need to pay RM 1 per pax before reaching the parking space.
PICTURE 06 : 3-5 minutes after the hut you will find a space for you to park your car. This will be the usual meeting point for Lata Medang’s trip.


Lata Medang, Kutu Hill, Mount Rajah and Lata Makau are receiving high visitation, especially on the weekend. Although the parking lot can be considered as big, it is however cannot sustain it’s visitors during weekends / special holiday. It is advisable that you to come earlier for best parking spot, otherwise, you may just park at the side of the road heading to the starting point of Lata Medang / Kutu Hill / Mount Rajah Via KKB / Lata Makau.

However, please mind that you will not obstruct other transports’ way as the road are not broad. Please bear in mind that whenever there is an emergency (injuries / lost), the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia will answer the call. You need to imagine whether the road are still accessible by Fire Truck.


TERRAIN: Wet – Slightly Muddy
WIND: Medium to Strong
PARTICIPANT: Inexperience to Moderate (below average)

7.00 am – Meeting point at  Kampung Pertak’s Parking
7.15 am – Last preparation/ Warm up / Briefing
7.30am – Start Treking to Lata Medang
11.15am – Arrive at waterfall | Free and Easy
3.00pm – Start trekking to drop point
4.15pm – Reach Trailhead
4.30pm – END


PICTURE 07 : Safety briefing session
PICTURE 08: Warming up session before start trekking to Lata Medang waterfall
PICTURE 09 : Trekking to Lata Medang Waterfall
PICTURE 10 : Selfie session
PICTURE 11 : Lata Mecu, rest and recharge before continue trekking
PICTURE 11 : Photography session at Lata Mecu
PICTURE 12 : Lata Medang Waterfall
PICTURE 12 : Lunch time beside the waterfall
PICTURE 14 : Photography session at Lata Medang Waterfall


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