With a height of 183 meters from sea level and close to Kuala Lumpur City, Lata Gapi Waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in Malaysia, especially for waterfall hunting activities in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Lata Gapi Waterfall was located at Antara Gapi, Serendah Selangor.

According to the local community at Lata Gapi, In the face of continuous forest development and human irresponsibility, Lata Gapi is a simple act of rebellion. It’s a wonder Lata Gapi still exists. This stunning waterfall is in Antara Gapi, a relatively new township established by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) north of Serendah on the ancient route to Ipoh, on the edge of a large forest complex that once reached the Pahang highlands. Lata Gapi has long been annexed for agriculture, and it is now surrounded by secondary forests and plantations. Heading to Lata Gapi Waterfall it takes less than an hour to get there through a relatively flat laterite road that has been used as an oil palm plantation area by the local community.


Picture 1 : Lata Gapi Waterfall trail GPX ( Source : LINK )

Lata Gapi Waterfall trail can be considered an easy trail, and the distance of Lata Gapi Waterfall is 5km out and back. To reach Lata Gapi Waterfall is an adventure and the hour-long hike requires crossing rivers and streams at least three to four times. Visitors are required to sign in and sign out from Lata Gapi Waterfall by 2 p.m. or when there is an indicator of heavy rain.  During the event, if the rain is too heavy, they must cancel their trips immediately as there is always the potential for flash floods as heavy rains further upstream can see sudden surges of water where you might be.  The Lata Gapi trail is suitable for beginners and family outings and the Lata Gapi trail was also suitable for parents to train their children to start their adventure.

Picture 2 : Elevation gain/loss of Lata Gapi’s trail ( Source : LINK )

Although the starting of Lata Gapi trekking started with a small elevation gain, the Lata Gapi trail will test visitors’ physical capacity after 15 minutes of trekking. The hiker will gain more elevation starting from 1km until the Lata Gapi Lata Gapi waterfall.


The most important thing you need to do is you must do some research and study the Lata Gapi Waterfall trail. To go there, no need to apply permit, and guide services are not compulsory, but hikers are advised to use a guide service because the Lata Gapi trail may be confusing for those new in the outdoor activity field but for legend maybe not.

Although the Lata Gapi trail is considered easy, you’re still advised to do some training or exercise before hiking to Lata Gapi Waterfall to ensure maximum satisfaction and minimize injuries and the most important you need to prepare is your mindset! After 1km of trekking, you will face the real adventure of the Lata Gapi trail. Hikers are also advised to bring their snacks and enough water at least 1.5ml during the trekking to Lata Gapi Trail. Although there are water points, for safety purposes it is better not to drink the water from the waterfall to avoid any harm.


Picture 3 : Using Google Map, you may key in “Lata Gapi Trail Head, Serendah” (Source : LINK )
Picture 4 : Using Waze Apps, you may key in “Lata Gapi Trail Head, Serendah”. (Source : LINK )

Heading there, you may use your ‘Google Maps’ or ‘Waze’ application on your smartphone by simply searching ‘Lata Gapi Trail Head’. On the Waze application, you can choose which routes you want to take whether 41 minutes or 1 hour depending on the individual. If you want, go fast you can take the 41 minutes if not then take the 1 hour.


  • 0700 Hour : Meet up at parking area ( LINK )
  • 0730 Hour : Last preparation | Briefing | Warm Up
  • 0800 Hour : Start trekking to Lata Gapi
  • 0915 Hour : Arrive at Lata Gapi Waterfall | Free and easy
  • 1400 Hour : Start descend
  • 1430 Hour : END



Picture 5 : Briefing session before heading to Lata Gapi Waterfall
Picture 6 : Briefing session before start trekking to Lata Gapi Waterfall
Picture 7 : Start trekking to Lata Gapi Waterfall
Picture 8 : Last preparation before start trekking from Lata Gapi
Picture 9 : We were lucky one of participant are willing to share 4wd ride for kids below 2 years old!
Picture 10 : Take 5 minute rest because the kids were tired. After some soda and biscuits, off we go!
Picture 11 : Need to cross several rivers before arrived at Lata Gapi Waterfall
Picture 12 : Other river crossing before arriving at Lata Gapi Waterfall
Picture 13 : Although just met, they took care of each other during trekking to Lata Gapi Waterfall. Who? Look at the blue cap!
Picture 14 : Kids activity at the waterfall
Picture 15 : Kids meet and greet new friends during playing at Lata Gapi Waterfall
Picture 16 : Ijam and his family are enjoying their packed lunch!
Picture 17 : Sharing is caring!
Picture 18 : The best things to do after enjoying the waterfall and lunch? take a nap!
Picture 19 : The youngest participant trekking to Lata Gapi Waterfall
Picture 20 : The tiredness! Although we just started heading back for 5 minute, she cant stand it anymore!
Picture 21 : Badek and his girls!
Picture 22 : Photo grouping is a must! Before end of Lata Gapi Waterfall event
Picture 23 : Yes! This is Lata Gapi Waterfall!


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