With a height of 1053 meters from sea level and close to the indigenous people at Kampung Pertak, Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) is one of the most famous hills in Malaysia, especially for hikers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) was located at Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.

According to the local community, Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) or formerly known as Treacher’s Hill indeed has various traces of history during the era of British rule. The name Treacher’s Hill is in honor of Sir William Hood Treacher who discovered this place in 1893.  Based on the history, Sir WH Treacher served as British Resident in Selangor from 1892 to 1896.

Nowadays, the place was famous as Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu)!


PICTURE 01 : Some of the unique flora near the peak of Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu )

Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) holds a thousand unexplored natural treasures. Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) is rich in biodiversity such as the types of flora and fauna that led to Bukit Kutu being gazette as a wildlife reserve in 1922. Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) also has some traces of history during the British rule era that are not known to the public. At that time, Bukit Kutu (Kutu Hill) was also a resort for the British aristocracy and had two bungalows, which served as lodges for visitors and included a 15.3 km (9.5 mi) bridleway connecting it to the town of Kuala Kubu.

PICTURE 02 : Bukit Kutu in 1921 (colorized edition of the black & white photo). SOURCE : LINK

Other than that, Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) has a wide residential square and around it can be seen old monuments of British heritage once upon a time. Among them is a former chimney, and two old wells, one of which can still be used and there is still a source of water in it. About 50 meters from the Bukit kutu summit there is a lot of old buildings left by the British army.

PICTURE 03 : Visiting some of the collapsed building that are located near the peak of Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu )

However, some of the buildings have been damaged and collapsed and are overgrown with bushes and jungle trees. Now all that remains are the floor pillars of the building frame and stairs. During the British colonial era, the top of Bukit Kutu was a British military monitoring station. Later, it was abandoned after being bombed by the Japanese army during the Second World War.

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PICTURE 04 : Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) trail GPX. Source : LINK
PICTURE 05 : Elevation gain/loss of Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu). Source : LINK

Although it starts with a small elevation gain, Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu)will test visitors’ physical capacity after 30 minutescor 2km of trekking. However, there are several suitable resting points that may ease your way to visit the peak of Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu ) at the height of 1,036 meters above sea level 


The most important things you should do is to apply a permit from Pejabat Hutan Daerah Hulu Selangor. Hikers are advised to use the service-registered mountain guide to Bukit Kutu (Kutu Hill). Usually, mountain guides came from Selangor Forestry Mountain Guide (Malim Gunung Perhutanan Selangor) and they were well-trained to handle their visitor and organized in the event of an emergency occurring during the hike.

Slightly advised hikers to go through (at least) moderate training before undergoing Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) trail to ensure maximum satisfaction and minimized injuries. Visitors will be reminded to bring their snacks and enough water during the trekking. Hikers also need to take note to get enough rest/sleep and to be well-equipped to go to Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu).


Due to low bad coverage at the starting point, this is the best possible alternative that we could provide to guide you to the starting point of Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu ). Do not be worry as most of the time, there are hikers going to Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu ) and as you will be using Forestry Mountain Guide ( Malim Gunung Perhutanan ) services, they may provide better advise on from time to time. 

PICTURE 06 : Using google map, you may key in “Tapak Berkelah Sungai Pertak”. Source : LINK
PICTURE 07 : Using Waze application, you may key in “Tapak Berkelah Sungai Pertak”. Source : LINK


There are 2 rivers and streams along Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu) hike. After the second iron bridge, hikers will go through the first river. There are one waterpoint in on your left when you are climbing up Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu ), it is inside a small cave and are only adjacent to the trail. Another waterpoint are at the peak of Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu ).  Although the water there seems clean, the hikers are not advisable to drink directly from the river to avoid some harm or unpredictable condition.



TERRAIN: Wet – Slightly Muddy
WIND: Medium to Strong
PARTICIPANT: Inexperience to Moderate (below average)

7.00 am – Meeting point at Parking Tempat Berkhelah Kampung Pertak
7.15 am – Last preparation |Warm up | Briefing
7.30 am – Start Treking Bukit Kutu & Gunung Rajah Trailhead
9.30 am – Reach Batu Tedung Checkpoint, regroup
9.45 am – Continue trekking
11.45 am – Reach Bukit Kutu Peak | lunch break
12.30 pm – Start descent
3.00 pm – Reach Trailhead
4.00 pm – End


Picture 08 : Assembly point at lower parking lot, near Pertak River ( Sungai Pertak )
PICTURE 09 : Briefing session by mountain guide
PICTURE 10 : Prayer session before start trekking
PICTURE 11 : Start to climb Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu )
PICTURE 12 : First Iron Bridge to Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu )
PICTURE 13 : Second iron bridge. This bridge were collaposed, compared to the 1st iron bridge
PICTURE 14: Crossing small streams
PICTURE 15: Take 5 minutes rest.
PICTURE 16: Group picture Checkpoint Batu Tedung
PICTURE 17: Take 5 rest at checkpoint Batu Tedung
PICTURE 18 : view at the Checkpoint Batu Tedung
PICTURE 19: View From the top of Tedung stone
PICTURE 20: For safety purpose, it is advised for participant to hold the rope
PICTURE 21: Some of the traces of British History, a chimney from one of the sanitorium.
PICTURE 22: To reach the summit, visitor is required to climb the aluminum ladder
PICTURE 23: On top of the boulder at the summit of Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu)
PICTURE 24: View from the top of Kutu Hill (Bukit Kutu). With an open sky, this will surely mesmerize climbers!
PICTURE 25 : Another view from the top to down hill
PICTURE 26:  Some open space at the peak of Kutu Hill ( Bukit Kutu )
FIGURE 27 : Stairs leading to the British bungalow remains
PICTURE 28: The fasters participant!


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