Nitecore NL2153 5300mAh Rechargeable 21700 Battery


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From Nitecore’s new generation of batteries, the NL2153 emerges with an impressive 5300mAh capacity, rendering it a prime choice for high-drain devices due to its continuous 8A discharge current. Endowed with Nitecore’s hallmark safety features and quality engineering, the NL2153 stands as a testament to the brand’s reputation as a reliable source of rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

The NL2153 incorporates a built-in intelligent protective circuit and a pressure relief valve, safeguarding it against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. Crafted with top-tier materials, such as nickel-plated stainless steel protectors that fortify it against impacts, ensure efficient conductivity, and fend off oxidation, the battery is further coated with a durable metallic film, bolstering its resilience against abrasion. Impressively, the NL2153 can undergo a complete recharge cycle over 500 times, making it not only cost-effective but also an environmentally conscious choice.

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