HIKING: Trans Naning


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The Trans Naning hiking trail is a challenging adventure that covers 7 summits, including Gunung Datuk, Gunung Rembau, Gunung Gagak, Puncak 701, Puncak 705, Gunung Tampin Utara, and Gunung Tampin Selatan.The trail starts at the foot of Gunung Datuk and continues to the other peaks, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests. The views from the summits are simply stunning, offering a panoramic view of the mountains and forests below. Hikers can take breaks at rest areas along the trail, which offer shelter and a chance to catch their breath. The Trans Naning hiking trail also has a campsite after summit 701, which is a popular spot for hikers to spend the night and enjoy the stunning views.

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