[po_section img=”3510″ fixed=”1″ top=”20″ bottom=”20″] [po_column width=”10″ offset=”1″] [po_type tag=”h2″ size=”35″ lineheight=”1.1″ spacing=”-1″ align=”center”]”What is Tusyen Hutan?”[/po_type] [po_type tag=”p” size=”22″ bottom=”20″ align=”center”]Tusyen Hutan is an initiative created by CORE Republic in 2018 with objective to provide a platform of knowledge sharing related to outdoor activities.
[/po_type] [/po_column] [/po_section] [po_section bottom=”100″] [po_column width=”12″] [po_type tag=”h3″ top=”0″ bottom=”0″]Our Counts.[/po_type] [/po_column] [po_column width=”4″] [po_count to=”52″ title=”Topics” icon=”paper” speed=”1000″ icon_delay=”0″] [/po_column] [po_column width=”4″] [po_count to=”33″ title=”Speakers” icon=”bullhorn” speed=”1400″ icon_delay=”400″] [/po_column] [po_column width=”4″] [po_count to=”1310″] [/po_column] [/po_section] [po_section bg=”light” img=”3508″ fixed=”1″ top=”0″][po_type tag=”h3″]About Tusyen Hutan[/po_type] [po_tabs align=”vertical”] [po_tab header=”History”] [po_type bottom=”15″]There was a session called “Sembang Bawah Fly” which directly translated to “chatting under the tarp”. This is a session created by senior hikers community and implemented around 10 years back where they would discuss and share their knowledge at night, under the open tent.

Over time, this effort is becoming less frequent due to the original members that is decreasing, and the connection between them and new generation are becoming further distant. Thus, the knowledge was not shared/transferred effectively and efficiently which makes the ratio of knowledgeable hikers in the hiking community becoming smaller. This may give an impact towards the hiker community as a whole.

Due to the increasing number of hikers geographically and the capabilities that Core Republic have to host the said program (in terms of place and promotion), a session called “Tusyen Hutan” which is directly translated to “Jungle Tuition” was created to accommodate the demand.
[/po_type] [/po_tab] [po_tab header=”Objective”] [po_type bottom=”15″]To frequently host a sharing/discussion session that is related to hiking (especially in Malaysia) between experienced/accredited person (hikers/ association) to hikers/general public.
[/po_type] [/po_tab] [po_tab header=”Description”] [po_type bottom=”15″]With limit of 20 pax per session, each participants will be charged with a minimal fee of RM 5 per person. The total collection of RM 100 will be divided into two where RM 50 will be used to purchase/prepare refreshments and another RM 50 will be given to speaker of the day as a consolation in appreciation towards their effort. The class hosted by Core Republic are being conducted on most Tuesday night, from 9 pm to 11 pm, at Core Republic (Setapak, Kuala Lumpur)
[/po_type] [/po_tab] [/po_tabs] [/po_section] [po_section top=”10″ bottom=”10″] [po_column width=”10″ offset=”1″] [po_type tag=”h3″ size=”35″ lineheight=”1.1″ spacing=”-1″ align=”center”]”Interested to join the classes?”

[po_button style=”block” large=”1″ text=”Contact Us” link=”http://www.corerepublic.my/contact”][/po_type] [/po_column] [/po_section] [po_wrap] [po_type tag=”h3″ top=”30″]Topics Archive[/po_type] [po_accordion] [po_accordion_item header=” 2019 Sessions”] [po_section full=”1″] [po_type] 1. 25th June 2019: Awet Makanan (As Hassan)
2. 2nd July 2019: Parang (Ahmad Shah Parang Tantari)
3. 9th July 2019: Asas Pendaki, Orienteering dan Map Reading (Admin HARAM)
4. 16th July 2019: Edisi Khas – Ini Kalilah! Dari Penjajah ke Penjelajah (Discussion)
5. 23rd July 2019: Etika (Admin HARAM)
6. 6th Aug 2019: Asas Orienteering (Admin HARAM)
7. 20th Aug 2019: Wilderness First Aid (Abang Naz)
8. 27th Aug 2019: Advance Navigation (Abang Naz)

[/po_type] [/po_section] [/po_accordion_item] [po_accordion_item header=” 2018 Sessions”] [po_section full=”1″] [po_type] 1. 27th Feb 2018: Basic Personal Equipment Packing (Eddy Jones CORE Republic)
2. 6th Mar 2018: Ultralight Packing (Fadzlee Wild Outdoor)
3. 13th Mar 2018: Rekreasi dan Asas Ikhtiar Hidup (Sam LORAS)
4. 20th Mar 2018: Introduction to Mountain Medicine (Aliff Mountain Medicine)
5. 27th Mar 2018: Aku Sesat (Jenal Gunung Online)
6. 3rd Apr 2018: Kecederaan Pendaki (Mt Azlan Othman)
7. 10th Apr 2018: Pemilihan Beg (Nik Amri 30 Ascends)
8. 17th Apr 2018: Asas Tapak Perkhemahan (Sharu & Kem OGKL)
9. 24th Apr 2018: Asas Kompas (Eddy Jones CORE Republic)
10. 22nd May 2018: Hal Kerohanian dan Mistik Alam Pendakian (Ustaz Adzrin)
11. 26th Jun 2018: Solat Ketika Mendaki (Ustaz Adzrin)
12. 3rd July 2018: Mencari Orang Hilang (Jenal Gunung Online)
13. 10th Jul 2018: Persediaan Daypack (Amir Muslim Team Seladang)
14. 17th Jul 2018: Responsible Hikers (MK Rahman HACAM)
15. 24th Jul 2018: Pengurusan Luka (Aliff Mountain Medicine)
16. 31th July 2018: Backpack Construction (Radzee ORGA)
17. 7th Aug 2018: Asas Ikhtiar Hidup (Pendekar Rimba)
18. 14th Aug 2018: Fitness Mendaki Gunung (Boiy Nadz 30 Ascends)
19. 28th Aug 2018: Road to Aki Nabalu (Eddy Jones CORE Republic)
20. 4th Sep 2018: Pemilihan Kasut (Ariff Syafik)
21. 11th Sep 2018: Asas Tapak Perkhemahan dan Penggunaan Pole (Chip Qura Quat)
22. 25th Sep 2018: Prepared Survival and Bushcraft (Mamu)
23. 2nd Oct 2018: Personal Packing Sebagai Peserta (Shafeeq Badek CORE Republic)
24. 9th Oct 2018: Hala Tuju Rekreasi (Zairul Fikri)
25. 16th Oct 2018: Hypothermia (Aliff Mountain Medicine)
26. 6th Nov 2018: Sports Recovery (Zul Aidi)
27. 13th Nov 2018: Persediaan Fizikal (Khairul Hawk)
28. 27th Nov 2018: Yong Belar 78 (Special Edition)
29. 4th Dec 2018: Fakta Nutrisi (Aliff Mountain Medicine)
30. 11th Dec 2018: Asas Tali (Sham)
31. 18th Dec 2018: Komunikasi Radio (Bem PMGM)
32. 25th Dec 2018: Parang (Kekerk)
33. 1st Jan 2019: Urutan Tradisional (En Zaki)
34. 8th Jan 2019: Alahan dan CPR (Aliff Mountain Medicine)
35. 15th Jan 2019: Ultralight System (Boiy Nadz 30 Ascends)
36. 22nd Jan 2019: Trail Impact (Jenal Gunung Online)
37. 29th Jan 2019: Sistem Kompress (Boiy Nadz 30 Ascends)
38. 12th Feb 2019: Bersendirian (Hanizamal)
39. 5th Mar 2019: Road To Everest Basecamp (MK Rahman HACAM)
40. 12th Mar 2019: Evolusi Isi Beg Mendaki Gunung (Eddy Jones CORE Republic)
41. 19th Mar 2019: Racun dan Bisa (Mat Tobleromania Dee)
42. 26th Mar 2019: Urutan Tradisional Vol 2 (En Zaki)
43. 2nd Apr 2019: Persediaan Fizikal (Suha)
44. 9th Apr 2019: Pembentukan Jalur Pendakian (Adik Idan)
45. 16th Apr 2019: Pembukaan Jalur Spencer Chapman (Eddy Jones CORE Republic)
46. 23rd Apr 2019: Persediaan Pendaki Wanita (Diza SOS)
47. 30th Apr 2019: Persediaan Pendaki Wanita (Diza SOS)

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