[po_section img=”3510″ fixed=”1″ top=”20″ bottom=”20″] [po_column width=”10″ offset=”1″] [po_type tag=”p” size=”25″ bottom=”20″ align=”center”]Tired of driving to your adventure destinations? We have the solution.
[/po_type] [/po_column] [/po_section] [po_type tag=”p” size=”30″ bottom=”30″ align=”center”] [/po_type] [po_type tag=”h3″ bottom=”30″]Our Rates[/po_type] [po_type tag=”p” bottom=”30″]Rates: Van – Toyota Hiace 2.5D (10 seater highroof, Diesel)
Rate for Return (Hiking spots):
[po_type tag=”p” bottom=”30″]One way
a. Less than 400km = RM500
b. More than 400km = RM600 – RM750(max)
Rent (without Driver) – RM380/day
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