Velocity Portable Solar Fan + Light


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1. Flashlight: This fan is equipped with a highly concentrating flashlight, a portable lamp appearance, a large design, and a higher and better condensing effect.

2. Safety net cover: High-strength ABS fan grid to prevent accidental injury of children’s fingers inserted, and the angle of the wind can be adjusted.

3. High efficiency: This product has a long working time of 4-8 hours (depending on the mode you use), 4 hours for fans, 6 hours for desk lamps, and 8 hours for flashlights.

4. LED desk lamp: The lighting angle of this lamp can be adjusted up and down, which is convenient for work and study, and can protect your eyes.

5. Solar panel: This fan is equipped with a solar panel behind it, which guarantees strong power, giving the wind house a continuous supply of electricity, which can be fully charged in 3 hours.

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