Tahan Panthera Inflatable Sleeping Pad


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We know that when you’re out camping, the last thing you want to worry about is being uncomfortable. That’s why our TAHAN Panthera Inflatable Sleeping Pad is designed with one thing in mind comfort.

With an extra thickness of 10cm, it’s perfect for any terrain, and the 16cm built-in pillow provides the perfect amount of support for your head and neck. Our extra comfort sleeping pad also comes with 5 connection buttons along two sides that allow you to connect multiple sleeping pads for extra space (slumber party, anyone?)

Our TAHAN Panthera Inflatable Sleeping Pad features a built-in air pump which means you don’t have to worry about blowing it up yourself, and a double layer valve to keep the air in. Now, you’ll be able to sleep soundly through the night knowing you’re well protected from the ground (no more sore back!) , and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of adventure.

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