Nitecore UA55


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5 Ports of High-Speed Charging
No more constantly competing for wall outlets and USB power adapters among an ever-increasing number of USB devices! NITECORE UA55 charges five USB devices at once with a single wall outlet and reaches up to 2A current each port. This means time-saving “fast charging” for all your USB devices.

Optimized Charging for USB Devices
The NITECORE UA55 is optimized for all mainstream USB devices like Android phones, iPhones, iPads, game controllers, and of course, USB rechargeable NITECORE flashlights. The built-in intelligent USB charging system automatically deploys optimal charging currents according to the needs of USB devices and guarantees a stable charging process that maximizes the lifespan of the device batteries.

Packed with Safety Measures
The UA55 packed with safety measures like surge protection as well as reverse polarity protection, anti-static protection, and automatic shut-off once charging is complete. All of this is embodied within a compact form factor made from durable fire-retardant materials. The tough PC shell of the UA55 is impact resistant and scratch resistant, ensuring the charger is built to last.

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