Nitecore C Stand Flexible USB-C Charging Cable Stand


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The flexible, NITECORE CSTAND is the ultimate charging cable for all your USB-C rechargeable devices. The CSTAND charging cable’s unique ability bend and hold almost any angle while simultaneously charging, makes it the perfect addition for many of NITECORE’s smaller keychain lights like the TINI 2 and TIP SE allowing users to easily position lights for hands-free activities like reading and working. While traditional USB-C cable wires are sensitive to everyday twisting and turning, the NITECORE CSTAND charging cable’s heavy duty construction is specifically designed for bending and folding making it great for travel in pockets, bags, backpacks and more. The CSTAND is compatible with USB-C rechargeable devices like flashlights, cell phones and tablets, and will easily charge devices when connected to any USB power source.

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