Kizer Begleiter2 Micarta Black Stonewash (Grey)


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The blade of this Begleiter 2 is made of 154CM material. 154CM Steel Blade delivers excellent edge retention, and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for heavy cutting applications. We have designed anti-skid gears on the upper edge of the knife for higher safety. This Begleiter 2  has a grey Micarta handle. Micarta has a soft feel in the hand and possesses an aggressive grippiness. Unique button lock. In this Begleiter 2 (V4458.2BC1), our way of locking the knife is different from previous designs, we designed a button lock for this knife. This is a new design by Azo that realizes the combination of Begleiter and button lock. A small hole is designed at the end of the handle, which can be hung with ornaments or ropes, making it easy to carry.

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