Brahim’s Daging Kerutuk


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Kerutuk Daging or Daging Masak Kerutuk is a traditional food in Kelantan.
The main ingredient used to prepare this dish is beef.

Kerutuk Daging is a very rich type of coconut milk-based curry.

Traditionally it is best eaten with white rice, sambal belacan, and ulam-ulaman or Malay salad.



Pour the food item onto a plate and just microwave it for 2 minutes or place the food pouch in hot boiling water for 3 minutes or just pour it into a saucepan, heat up and this dish can be served and best eaten with steaming white rice.  Weighing 120 grams and can serve 1 to 2 persons.

There are no added preservatives and colorings.


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