Brahim’s Bubur Lambuk


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Healthy savory porridge meal with boneless lean meat, and a special blend of high-quality natural herbs, spices, and ingredients.

Halal. Contains No MSG, No preservatives, No artificial flavor, and No artificial Colouring.

Healthier meal options for consumers.  Complete, ready-to-eat meals.  User friendly easy to prepare.  Minimal preparation & cooking time.

Convenient, fuss-free meals within minutes.  Authentic, tasty meals.

Packaging & labeling containing cooking instructions, ingredients, best before date, manufacturer’s information, Halal seal.  3-ply retort pouch packaging constructed of polyester, foil & Cast Polypropylene (CPP) which is safe, requires less cooking & sterilization time during production.  Retains the natural and authentic taste of the meats.  Wholesome and retains the nutrients.  Better taste, nutrients, flavor, and product substance.

Convenient,  lightweight.  Easy to carry and store.

Shelf life at ambient temperature for 18 months.  No refrigeration required.  Consumer-friendly.  Value for consumers.

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