[po_section img=”3510″ fixed=”1″ top=”20″ bottom=”20″] [po_column width=”10″ offset=”1″] [po_type tag=”h2″ size=”35″ lineheight=”1.1″ spacing=”-1″ align=”center”]”What is #pickitup?”[/po_type] [po_type tag=”p” size=”22″ bottom=”20″ align=”center”]#pickitup is an initiative created in 2016 with objective to create cleanliness awareness among hikers by being an example through action. We picked the trash left by hikers in the jungle to give awareness on the importance of preserving the mother nature.
[/po_type] [/po_column] [/po_section] [po_section bottom=”100″] [po_column width=”12″] [po_type tag=”h3″ top=”0″ bottom=”0″]Our Counts.[/po_type] [/po_column] [po_column width=”6″] [po_count to=”2243″ title=”Trash Bags Collected” icon=”trash” speed=”1000″ icon_delay=”0″] [/po_column] [po_column width=”6″] [po_count to=”1190″ title=”Volunteers” icon=”users” speed=”1400″ icon_delay=”400″] [/po_column] [/po_section]

[po_section bg=”light” img=”3508″ fixed=”1″ top=”0″][po_type tag=”h3″]About #pickitup[/po_type] [po_tabs align=”vertical”] [po_tab header=”History”] [po_type bottom=”15″]In November 2014, Gunung Nuang was badly affected by rubbish and litters made by it’s trail users, especially at Lolo Camp. Due to that situation, 5 hiking buddies (Afiq, Nazmi, Ah Chong, Badek and Zul) lead by Badek went up there and make a clean up program while hiking. We safely bring out 6 gunny bags of rubbish that were collected starting from the peak, and all the way to Camp Lolo. The effort was posted in a facebook page, Hiking and Camping Around Malaysia (H.A.C.A.M) as part of an awareness initiative and got 901 like (it was later declared to be to the top post of the year).

In April 2015, another simple day-hike expedition was made to Sungai Lepoh. Supplied with a sponsored gunny bags, Badek managed to bring out 2 gunny bags full of rubbish. And again, the picture was posted to the same facbeook group Hiking and Camping Around Malaysia (H.A.C.A.M) as an awareness initiative. The said post obtained more than 1,000 likes by its community.

Looking at both programs, it is concluded that cleanliness awareness and actions are still at minimal stage in Malaysia’s hiking community. Thus, Badek decided to create “Pickitup Initiative” that will manage a campaign called “#pickitup”.
[po_button style=”block” large=”1″ text=”Read More” link=”http://corerepublic.my/the-creation-of-pickitup-initiative/”] [/po_type] [/po_tab] [po_tab header=”Objective”] [po_type bottom=”15″]To create cleanliness awareness among hikers by being an example through action.
[/po_type] [/po_tab] [po_tab header=”Description”] [po_type bottom=”15″]Be it leisure or a hardcore expedition, participant are encouraged to not only bring out their own rubbish out, but also to at least pick up 1 rubbish such as one plastic bag.
[/po_type] [/po_tab] [/po_tabs] [/po_section] [po_section bottom=”0″] [po_column width=”10″ offset=”1″] [po_type tag=”h3″ size=”35″ lineheight=”1.1″ spacing=”-1″ align=”center”]”We are giving away free gunny bags. Lets collaborate!”

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