[po_tiles] [po_tile size=”large” carousel=”1″ category=”tiles” arrows=”1″] [/po_tile] [po_tile size=”small” carousel=”1″ category=”tiles2″] [/po_tile] [/po_tiles] [po_section img=”3510″ fixed=”1″ top=”20″ bottom=”0″] [po_column width=”10″ offset=”1″] [po_type tag=”h2″ size=”35″ lineheight=”1.1″ spacing=”-1″ align=”center”]”Life is either a great adventure or nothing”[/po_type] [po_type tag=”p” size=”18″ bottom=”20″ align=”center”]Helen Keller[/po_type][po_type tag=”p” size=”22″ bottom=”0″ align=”center”]From the top of mountain down to the bottom of ocean, and all the adventures Malaysia can offer, we are here to take you on an unforgettable journey of a lifetime[/po_type][/po_column][/po_section] [po_section img=”3510″ fixed=”1″ top=”0″ bottom=”20″][po_column width=”10″ offset=”1″] [po_type align=”center”][po_button style=”block” large=”1″ text=”WHO We Are?” link=”http://www.corerepublic.my/about”  ][/po_type][/po_column][/po_section] [po_section bg=”light” top=”50″ bottom=”60″] [po_column width=”3″] [po_ibox title=”Hiking. Trekking” icon=”paw” icon_delay=”0″ title_delay=”300″ text_delay=”600″ text=”Explore Malaysia on foot so you are able to discover its natural paradise.”] [/po_column] [po_column width=”3″] [po_ibox title=”Camping” icon=”leaf” icon_delay=”900″ title_delay=”1200″ text_delay=”1500″ text=”Explore an outdoor adventure experience at our ‘glam camp’ sites.”] [/po_column] [po_column width=”3″] [po_ibox title=”Rafting. Kayaking. Caving” icon=”drop” icon_delay=”1800″ title_delay=”2100″ text_delay=”2400″ text=”Quench your adrenaline thirst at Malaysia world class rapids.”] [/po_column] [po_column width=”3″] [po_ibox title=”Corporate Outing. School Trip Programme” icon=”users” icon_delay=”2700″ title_delay=”3000″ text_delay=”3300″ text=”Ditch the same-old meaningless company outing activities.”] [/po_column] [/po_section]