Sungai Lepoh

Author: Shafeeq Badek, CORE Republic

Picture 01: View of Sungai Lepoh Waterfall


Located at Hulu Langat, Sungai Lepoh (Lepoh River) is also known as ‘Sungai Lopo’ or ‘Sungai Lepok’ by the locals. It is around an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Not only that it has great nature view, Sungai Lepoh also consist of a 4km long, natural trail that will not only provide a beautiful and natural scenery but also a good cardio exercise.

Usually, visitors go to Sungai Lepoh for a day hike/program such as trekking, birdwatching, and picnic with their friends and family. This location is also popular among teachers and students (aged 10 – 17 years old) especially during school holiday chosen for their outdoor school programs. From my personal experience, Sungai Lepoh can accommodate up to 60 pax at one time. This enormous figure might be seen to hinder them from enjoying their time at the waterfall, but no worries! People will ‘automatically’ know when to take turn.


Day-hike would normally be considered as easy-moderate level. It will not be tough for those who are more active, but it will definitely not be a stroll in the park for those who lead sedentary lifestyle. Depending on one’s physical ability, normally it would take around 1-2 hour per way in-out of Sungai Lepoh. However, if you are below 40, with no medical history and are capable for a 1 day window shopping at malls in the city, I believe Sungai Lepoh won’t pose much problem to you. Just make sure to bring enough water with you. It is recommended to bring at least 1.5 liter of plain/mineral water.


Picture 02: Screenshot of search result using Waze application

Heading there, you may use your ‘Waze’ GPS application in your smart phone by simply searching for ‘Asli Adventure Base Camp’. From my current location at time of writing (Taman Melati, Setapak), on weekdays at 1800 hours (you may imagine the traffic during these rush hours!), the GPS Navigation app estimated the 14.7km journey to take around 56 minutes so please plan your trip well.


Picture 03: Approaching Sungai Lepoh

Approaching Sungai Lepoh, there is a high chance you will see a high-rise banner (as per Picture 3). It was installed by the locals as the first sign that you are at the right location. You can park your vehicle at the roadside but you need to be extra alert with the surrounding trees as there are several Durian trees (just in case you are there during Durian’s season). Fees of RM 5 per vehicle will be charged by the locals, who will be monitoring your car for that day.


Picture 04: The Asli Adventure Base Camp Signage

Being at the vicinity of this signboard means that you have arrive at the official starting point to Sungai Lepoh. As seen in Picture 04, the assembly point has ample space for briefing and warm up session. The trail heading towards Sungai Lepoh is at the right side of the picture.


Picture 05: Registration Counter

Each visitor is required to register at the registration counter set up by the locals before they start their Sungai Lepoh excursion. Information needed are name, NRIC number, phone number and time in/out. Next to the registration book, is a donation box. You may donate some generous amount as the donation will end up being used for maintenance of this tourist attraction.

Public toilets are also available near the registration/parking area with a RM 0.50 per entry fee. It will be a good idea to empty your bladder before heading up to Sungai Lepoh, and as a changing room when you have safely arrived back from Sungai Lepoh.


Picture 06: Elevation gain/loss to-from Sungai Lepoh

For a day hike, all that is required is just to bring along suitable attire and some equipment. As a support, you should bring along 1.5 L of water (depends on your normal consumption), snacks, lamps and whistle. However, the more well equipped you are, the better! Also, it is best for you (if you are sedentary for a long period of time) to exercise a bit and gain fitness, few weeks before your hike.

Along the way, there will be few places (early stage of the hike) that will be swarmed with mosquitoes. Thus, if you are not wearing long sleeves shirt/pants, do bring along your insect repellent. Also based on seasons, Sungai Lepoh will be flocked with bees too. But do not be alarmed as they are generally harmless and will not simply attack visitors. Just keep calm and they will move away. However, it can be very distracting at some point!

Picture 07: Atok’s Leech Repellent

Have you ever heard of leeches? Basically, they are just an innocuous and nuisance causing blood sucking worm. Their presence in Malaysia tropical jungle is NORMAL. However, the trail to Sungai Lepoh did not have much sightings of them. The probabilities (based on personal experience) for you to encounter leeches are only at 10%. Just in case you do not want to take your chances, do bring along your leech repellent.


Picture 08: Trekking through Bamboo area
Picture 09: Trekking through rubber plantation
Picture 10: Local’s hut throughout the trail
Picture 11: Big tree checkpoint
Picture 12: Entering ‘old pipe’ area. Previously, it was used to gather resources (water) near Sungai Lepoh waterfall
Picture 13: Catching our breath for 5 minutes!
Picture 14: Arriving at an abandoned dam’s watch house
Picture 15: Finally! Arrive at Sungai Lepoh’s campsite. It is around 5 minute walk to Sungai Lepoh waterfall. For camping, it could fit around 10-15 pax at one time
Picture 16: Our light meal!
Picture 17: Our barbecue master getting the meats ready! Yeahoo!
Picture 18: Grilled lamb, grilled fish, grilled squid, grilled chicken, Fried rice, sausages, coffee and dessert are ready to go into our stomach! Eat up before we go for a swim
Picture 19: Water testing session before I go all out at the waterfall. Did I stack this right?
Picture 20: A jump is a must! (if there are not too many people)
Picture 21: On the upper side of the waterfall, you can see people getting ready to slide down the waterfall. However, for safety purpose, it is not encouraged to do so
Picture 22: Some friends are getting ready to record the waterfall-sliding activities
Picture 23: Another tier of Sungai Lepoh Waterfall
Picture 24: Sungai Lepoh Waterfall
Picture 25: View from above
Picture 26: Upper tier of Sungai Lepoh Waterfall
Picture 27: #pickitup (clean-up) program are being conducted before heading out. This picture is from a voluntary program conducted by a corporate organization (Green RE), and managed by CORE Republic
Picture 28: Bringing out the rubbish from Sungai Lepoh Waterfall. This picture is from a voluntary program conducted by a corporate organization (Green RE), and managed by CORE Republic
Picture 29: Participants with the rubbish collected from Sungai Lepoh’s trail (waterfall to trail head)


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